The New Dream Cannes Association is a team of four enthusiasts:

 Manuela Garelli, Chairman,

Laurent Lerousseau, Race Director,

Mickaël Crouin, Technical Director – Expo director

Eugénia Ruiz, Athlete Relations.

The team is formed by the most extraordinary encounters. Manuela, herself a triathlete, decided to step up and organize a triathlon race. She brought along Laurent, with his valuable experiences (having organized several “World Cup” events in Monaco), and whose ultimate goal is to hold a triathlon for once. Later on, they got to know Mickaël and picked him because of his numerous sport event organizations. At some other competitions, they met the experienced and dynamic Eugénia, who later agreed to join the others in the Cannes International Triathlon team.

 They grew to be a strong team as time went by, and this gave an incredible energy to the effort they put into the event.

 Again, the NDCA puts its heart into bringing about the Cannes International Triathlon !