Rules of the races

General terms and conditions and regulations
Conditions of participation
– The Cannes International Triathlon is subject to the regulations of the French Triathlon Federation ( Each competitor agrees to respect these rules. Any registration to the competition implies the respect of the present rules.
– The events are open to triathlon licensees (Federations belonging to the ITU) and to non-licensees presenting a medical certificate of no contraindication to the practice of Triathlon in competition, dating less than one year (Competition Pass).
– The presentation of the originals (licence or medical certificate for non-licence holders) will be required when collecting the race numbers.
– For the relay race :
– the presentation of an FFN licence replaces the medical certificate.
for the competitor doing the swimming part,
– the presentation of a CTF license replaces the medical certificate
for the competitor doing the cycling part,
– the presentation of an FFA licence replaces the medical certificate
for the competitor doing the running part.
– The participant undertakes to comply with the rules contained in these general conditions of participation, the entry form, the competition rules, the official programme and the competition information pack as well as the rules communicated during the pre-race briefing. The reading of the pre-race briefing is compulsory for each participant. The participant undertakes to scrupulously respect the instructions of the organizer and his staff.
– In the event of a breach of the aforementioned rules, in particular when it affects the smooth running of the event or endangers other participants, spectators or organisation personnel, the organiser may, at any time, exclude the participant from the competition and/or disqualify him/her from the event.
– Registration for the competition is made exclusively by means of the official online registration form available on the Internet.
– The registration will be validated only after full payment of the registration fee and confirmation of the registration by the organizer. This is done by publishing the name of the participant in the list of competitors.

– The organizer reserves the right to refuse the registration of any person for legitimate reasons. In case of refusal of the entry, any claim for damages in addition to the reimbursement of the entry fee is excluded.
– All entries are strictly personal and are not transferable to a third party. The participant is obliged to collect his/her race number personally. Any transfer or transmission of the race number to a third party is forbidden.
– All entries are binding and final. In the event of cancellation of the registration or non-participation in the event, the participant will not be entitled to a refund of the registration fee.
– Full refund of entry fees is only possible in case of total cancellation of the competition caused by the fault of the organizer. In all other cases, only a partial refund of the entry fees will be made, taking into account the costs incurred by the organiser.
– Cancellation of registration may be granted (in the case of subscription to cancellation insurance) only on presentation of a medical certificate stating that the triathlon is not suitable for triathlon practice (original sent by acknowledgement of receipt). The reimbursement will be 100% until April 11, 2021.
– Refunds do not cover Active’s registration fees.
– No refund request will be processed after Sunday 11th April 2021.
April 2021.
– The organiser declines all responsibility for any health risks incurred by the participant as a result of participating in the event. The participant declares that he is fully aware that participation in the event entails serious health risks that may extend to the death of the participant.
– The participant is solely responsible for his personal belongings and sports equipment.
– The participant declares that he is aware of the fact that he may encounter vehicles and/or pedestrians on the course and that he assumes the risks associated with these circumstances when participating in the race.
– The participant acknowledges that there are the following risks related to participation in the competition, it being understood that this list is not exhaustive: risk of falls, collision with vehicles, pedestrians, other participants and/or objects; risks related to the state of the ground, technical incidents and material failure, insufficient protective equipment; risks and dangers caused by spectators, volunteers or bad weather.
– Registration for the event is subject to the following conditions

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