Rules of the races


General Conditions and Regulations Conditions of Participation

  • The Cannes International Triathlon is subject to the rules of the French Triathlon Federation ( Each competitor undertakes to respect this regulation. Any registration for the competition implies compliance with the present rules.
  • The events are open to triathlon licensees (ITU-affiliated federations) and non-license holders who have a non-conscription medical certificate for the practice of Triathlon in competition, dating from less than one year (Pass competition).
  • The presentation of the originals (license or medical certificate for non-licensed) will be required when picking up bibs.
  • For the relay race:
    • The presentation of an FFN license replaces the medical certificate for the competitor performing the swimming part,
    • The presentation of an FFC license replaces the medical certificate for the competitor performing the cycling part,
    • The presentation of an FFA license replaces the medical certificate for the competitor performing the running part.


  • The participant agrees to respect the rules set out in the general conditions of participation, in the registration format, in the competition rules, in the official program and in the competition information folder, and in the rules communicated during the briefing. before class.The reading of the briefing before is obligatory for each participant. The participant undertakes to scrupulously respect the instructions of the organizer and the staff.
  • This is it the back of the event of the participants, spectators, personal organization, moment organizer, exclude the participant from the competition and / or disqualify him from the event.


  • Registration for the competition is made exclusively by means of the official online registration form available on the Internet.
  • The registration will be validated only after full payment of registration fees and confirmation of registration by the organizer. This is done by publishing the name of the participant on the list of competitors.
  • The organizer reserves the right to refuse the registration of any person, for legitimate reasons. In case of refusal of registration, any claim for damages in addition to the reimbursement of registration fees is excluded.
  • All registration is strictly personal and is not transferable to a third party. The participant is required to personally pick up his bib. Any transfer or transmission of the bib to a third party is prohibited.
  • All registration is firm and final. In case of cancellation of registration or non-participation in the event, the participant will not be able to claim a refund of registration fees.


  • The full refund of registration fees is only possible in the event of total cancellation of the competition caused by the fault of the organizer. In all other cases, only a partial refund of registration fees will be made, taking into account the costs incurred by the organizer.
  • A cancellation of the registration may be granted (in case of subscription to the cancellation insurance) on presentation of a medical certificate of contraindication to the practice of triathlon (original sent by acknowledgment).
  • The refund will be 100% until April 12, 2020.
  • Refunds do not support Active’s registration fees.
  • No refund request will be processed after Sunday, April 12, 2020.


  • The organizer declines any responsibility for the health risks incurred by the participant due to his participation in the event.
  • The participant declares that he / she has a perfect knowledge of the fact that participation in the event entails serious health risks that may go as far as the participant’s death.
  • The participant is solely responsible for his personal effects and his sports equipment.
  • The participant declares that he is aware of the fact that he will be able to meet vehicles and / or pedestrians on the course and that he assumes the risks related to these circumstances during the participation in the race.
  • The participant acknowledges that there are the following risks associated with participation in the competition, it being understood that this list is not exhaustive: risk of falls, collision with vehicles, pedestrians, other participants and / or objects; soil condition risk, technical incidents and equipment failure, insufficient protective equipment; risks and dangers caused by spectators, volunteers or bad weather.
  • Enrollment in the event implies acceptance by the participant of the courses as they have been fixed.
  • The participant undertakes to immediately inform the organizer of any danger concerning the course of which he may be aware.
  • The participant agrees to receive any necessary medical care and treatment during the competition. Medical care and treatment fees are not included in the registration fees and will therefore be charged to the participant on the basis of the usual rates. The organizer does not offer insurance covering the cost of medical care, it is the responsibility of the participant to conclude any necessary or useful insurance to this end. Any liability of the organizer in this regard is excluded.
  • The organizer declines any responsibility concerning the loss or theft of objects belonging to the participant.


  • The participant expressly recognizes the imperative nature of the anti-doping regulations of the French Triathlon Federation and the French Anti-Doping Agency (AFLD).


  • The organizer is covered by a liability insurance organizer that covers its civil liability, for bodily injury or property that it could cause accidentally to third parties.
  • The organizer’s liability for any material and / or commercial damage is excluded. This limitation does not apply when the damage was caused by an intentional fault or the serious negligence of the organizer or the non-performance by the organizer of a contractual obligation essential to the contract or in case of injury to life , the physical integrity or health of a person. The aforementioned limitation of liability also extends to the personal liability of the employees, representatives, agents and third parties to whom the organizer resorts in connection with the organization of the event and with whom he is bound by contract.

Right to the image

  • The athletes authorize the organizer to use the still or audiovisual images on which they could appear during the event, his name, his voice and his sports performance without limit in time.
  • It is specified that the audiovisual rights relating to the competition belong exclusively to the organizer.

Cancellation / Modification

  • In case of bad weather making the swimming event dangerous, the triathlon can be transformed into duathlon according to the regulations of the French Federation of Triathlon.

Premiums / Lots

  • Prizes can only be distributed to athletes with a professional license and present at the awards ceremony.
  • The prizes will be distributed (exclusively) during the presentation of prizes to the athlete whose presence is obligatory.

Sports Rules Competitors must:

  • comply with any instructions or instructions given by the organization,
  • inform the organization of any anomaly on the course that may affect the safety of the event,
  • wear one of the two bibs and the bathing cap provided by the organization.
  • respect the decisions of the arbitrators,
  • be courteous to “Volunteers” and members of the organization.
  • Respect the rules of the road,
  • be fair to other competitors,
  • do not throw rubbish on the whole course.



  • Swimming:
    • Wearing the suit is mandatory if the water temperature is below 16 ° C and prohibited if the temperature is above 24.5 ° C.
    • The wearing of the cap provided by the organization is mandatory.
    • The end of the warm-up will be 15 minutes before the start.
  • Transition 1:
    • The athletes will change in the park by bike and will take care of their belongings properly, without hindering the passage of the other competitors.
    • The helmet must be attached to move around the park.
  • Bike :
    • The bib must be placed in the back.
    • Drafting is not allowed.
    • Most of the event taking place on open road, competitors must be vigilant and scrupulously respect the Highway Code.
  • Transition 2:
    • The helmet must remain attached to move in the bike park.
    • The athletes will change in the park by bike and will take care of their belongings properly, without hindering the passage of the other competitors.
  • Running:
    • The bib must be placed on the front of the athlete.
    • The course is on road totally closed.
    • The loop is 4000 meters.
    • Bracelets will be distributed at the end of each round, it is the responsibility of the runner to recover and count before crossing the finish line.


  • Triathlon L:
    • 2000 m swimming
    • 100 km of bike
    • 16 km of running

Time limits

  • Triathlon L:
    • The swimming part is limited to 1:05 after the start.
    • The bike part is limited to 6:30 after the start.
    • The running part is limited to 8:30 after the start.


  • Only official referees of the French Triathlon Federation will be assigned to the different events.
  • All races are subject to the rules of the French Triathlon Federation and any violation of this rule will be penalized as follows:
    • Verbal warning.
    • Yellow card (brought into conformity)
    • Blue card (penalty area)
    • Red card (disqualification)

General rules

  • These participation conditions govern the legal relationship between the participant and the organizer.
  • By registering, the participant declares to accept the present conditions of participation, the rules of competition of the organizer as well as the sports regulations of the French Federation of Triathlon (F.F.TRI).


The payment of registration fees confirms that the athlete has read and accepted the conditions of participation, the conditions of cancellation, the rules of the race. The refusal of these conditions will prevent him from participating in the race. The athlete confirms having accepted that he will have to take note of the briefing, which will be put on line and presented the day before the race.