Today we met with Sébastien Truchi, an triathlete, professional musician and originally of the Ultra-Triathlon Napoléon Association. Below is his interview.

Sébastien, you will be participating in the Cannes International Triathlon: what are the reasons behind this decision?

I discovered this race one year before and it pleased me a lot. I am from Grasse, which is like Cannes’ backyard and is also my frequent ‘playground’. This year the bicycle course has been changed to cut through this city! Besides, the course itself is strategically interesting: the date is fixed at the start of the season, which will allow participants to settle down and properly prepare themselves before the big races of the year.

The date is fast approaching, are you training hard?

Yes, and no ! I myself prepare for the season as constantly as possible, but the project for the Ultra-Triathlon Napoléon Association that I’m responsible for takes a lot of my time. I have meetings, communication, security, sponsor recruitment to take care of… And with work and concerts, sometimes I find it difficult to set aside enough time for training. I managed to practice swimming quite a lot before the academic holidays this year, but I didn’t train much with the bicycle, and running has never been my strong point!

We learned that you are a triathlete as well as a musician, can you tell us a little about your story…?

Well, it’s a long story! To put it simply, I am first and foremost a musician. I took up music very early on, when I was 3. I also make my career out of it as I am working as a professor of violin and Tzigane music at the Conservatories de Grasse et Valbonne, and I play with several groups. This is only my third season of triathlon, and I’m technically an ‘amateur’ triathlete! I actually started racing in the triathlon to prepare myself to be able to ski with a better physical condition!

To conclude, can you tell us about each of your projects (including Ultra-Triathlon etc…)?

The first big event for the 2015 season is the 1st l’Austria eXtreme Triathlon, which is an Ironman race in Austria in affiliation with the Norseman, Celtman, Swissman etc… and there will be only us 51 athletes participating. Another important event will be the Ultra-Triathlon Napoléon that I mentioned above. We will be retracing the complete steps of Napoleon from the Island of Elba to Paris in the form of a triathlon race of 5-athlete relay (1200 km. overall, with 270 km. of swimming) in August 2015, and the profits will go to ailing children at the Adrien Association.

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The Cannes International organiser team wishes Sébastien Truchi the best of luck with all his projects!